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Before you continue reading, pause. Take a deep breath. Notice any tension. And relax.

That’s better. Hi, my name is Jo and welcome to this space that has been created with you in mind! Let me take you on a journey of how this came to be...


I am a firm believer that healing from anything takes the mind, body and soul to do so. I am a compassionate and adventurous person and I love to care where there is a need. This led me to study a degree in Physiotherapy, gain a Pilates instructor accreditation with APPI and start training to become a mindfulness teacher. 

I discovered how much I loved teaching group classes and 1:1 sessions from leading NHS rehabilitation classes. I find it exciting and so rewarding seeing clients improve in strength and reach their goals. I love the added challenge of incorporating my knowledge as a physiotherapist into the routines I plan and modifications I give.

The Heart



'To do something that is kind for your mind, body and soul.'

Pilates in itself is a mindful practice. You have to concentrate on breathing, body alignment, precision, control, correct muscular contractions... you have to ‘zone in’ to the exercise and ‘zone out’ of your busy life. It can be both hard and relaxing. We live in an age where there are constant distractions and where we all get to the point where we just need to stop. To be kind to ourselves. Time for yourself isn’t selfish. It is essential. There is so much evidence about how mental health is improved by physical health and also relationships/good community support. But then what if you are anxious about not knowing where to start? Not having someone to go with? What if you have injuries of old that you are worried will aggravate? What are those thoughts stopping you from joining in?


My heart behind all of this is to create space for people to come, to build friendships and community. To start exercising safely, to build muscular tone and endurance. To feel more comfortable in your body and your mind. To feel welcomed whether you are having a good day or an anxious and low day. To do something that is kind for your mind, body and soul. 

So why not join in?

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