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  • What if I can't make a class?
    VIRTUAL: Notify Jo if you are unable to attend. You will be sent the recording of the class to catch up on in your own time. ​ IN PERSON: PAY AS YOU GO: Full refunds available with 1 weeks notice. ​ BLOCK BOOKING: Refunds given with minimum 4 weeks notice.
  • How much are the classes?
    Classes are run in blocks of 6 weeks and cost £50 If you join once the block has started and there is space, a discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
  • How do I make a payment?
    Payments are collected via
  • What equipment do I need?
    You will beed to bring your own pilates/yoga mat. Small equipment will be provided for you if required in a session.
  • How many people are in a class?
    Matwork Pilates is capped at 12 and Mums and Baby pilates is capped at 10.
  • Where do you teach classes?
    Classes are currently in Halling and Peters Village Halling; Halling Community centre, ME2 1BS Peters Village; Peters Village Community centre See 'Discover classes' for more details.
  • Mum and Baby Pilates FAQ's
    When can I join? If you have had a vaginal delivery the guidance is post 6 weeks. If you feel you are capable at 4 weeks, please contact Jo. If you have had a C-section the guidance is post 12 weeks. If you feel you are capable at 8 weeks, please contact Jo. What do I need to bring? For the mum - Please bring a Pilates/Yoga mat For the baby - Please bring a rug/towel for your baby to lye on. Feel free to also bring anything you know that will help to entertain/soothe your baby. This maybe a bouncer chair, soft play mat, a few toys etc. What if my baby cries/ won't settle? If your baby cries in class, please don't worry! The class is relaxed and we are all in the same position (my baby will be in class too!) . Feel free to stop exercising and attend to your baby, stay in the class or take a step outside - whatever you feel is right for you and your babe. What will my baby do during the class? The class is predominantly focused on strengthening the mum. This means a lot of the class your baby will be in their bouncer/play mat. Some movements however will involve your babies, particularly if your baby needs to be close to you/held, we will adapt the exercises where we can. There is a square of soft mats that your babies can also play on - particularly for the crawlers and rollers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Jo
  • I have never done Pilates before, does that matter?"
    Absolutely not! There is no better time to start Pilates than now. The Foundations class is designed for those new to Pilates so no prior experience is needed, just a willingness to give it a go!
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